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Holmes Building Systems is a privately owned business located in North Carolina. With 100+ years of experience in factory-built housing, our owner/managers have brought their proven vision and leadership to create a special homebuilding company. Our goal is to make home ownership affordable to more people by creating a home-to-be-proud-of at a great price. You want more for your hard-earned money, and we believe we can give it to you.
Partial Bathroom Vanity

Why Modular

Modular homes are built in a factory environment with the same skilled craftsmen performing the same job each and every day. These folks are not learning their job as they are building your home. Modular construction uses templates in nearly every facet of the building process, ensuring that your home is built with the utmost quality every step of the way. Flexible engineering and proven manufacturing systems are all brought together to create the home you have always dreamed of. While your home is being constructed in a controlled environment, your materials are also kept in a controlled environment, not left out on the job site to be ‘weathered’ or stolen.

In addition, quality-control inspections are conducted throughout the building process…not just at the final walk-through when you are handed the key to your new home!

Partial Kitchen
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